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Keeping our kids safe: Incorporating safety into buildings to save lives

An increasing number of children are being admitted to hospital each year with serious injuries after suffering falls from windows or balconies. Almost all of these incidents are preventable. Architects must act now to slow the occurrences through the incorporation of simple but effective products.

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Doric’s New DS259 Double Hung Window Restrictor

The new DS259 Double Hung Window Restrictor is Doric's latest addition to their comprehensive range of devices designed for window restriction. The DS259 is designed specifically for use on residential double hung windows.

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Doric’s NEW revolutionary Twin Chainwinder

Doric's new DN400 Twin Chainwinder is ideal for larger awning windows and will change the way window hardware is specified in the future.

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DN7300 Hinged Door Furniture

21 Mar 2014

Doric's DN7300 hinged door furniture is designed to endure the harshest of commercial high traffic situations

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DN179 45 Degree Pull Handle

20 Mar 2014

The DN179 45 degree pull handle combines ease of access with a stylish contemporary design

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